SystemView parallel to a debugger

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  • SystemView parallel to a debugger

    It was written that 'SystemView can run in parallel to a debugger'.
    But I encounter problems using debugger and SystemView.

    My environment is Ubuntu 14.04, IDE Rowley Crossworks, SystemView (systemview_2.40.1_x86_64.deb), target ARM cortex M3 using SV 2.40.

    When I use debugger and than I start SystemView I get:

    SystemView window:
    Failed to start recording. Could not connect.

    *** J-Link V6.10m Error ***
    Second debugger connection to the same J-Link detected.
    J-Link currently uses target interface SWD while current debugger tries to select target interface JTAG.
    Should interface be changed?
    *** J-Link V6.10m Error ***

    Rowley CrossWorks - halts the program
    and also tested JLinkDebugger which also halts the program

    But when I start program using JlinkExe and then SystemView, it works perfect.

    What can be a reason?