Ozone, is it a bug ?

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  • Ozone, is it a bug ?


    attached please find 7 screenshots.

    The program was edited and compiled with Keil uVision 5 and downloaded through a J-Link ultra+.
    Ozone had then been attached with "attach and hold program" and then restarted the program.

    Steps 1-2-3 are normal single-step, starting at the first BP in line 455.
    With step 4 I want to rerun some lines with another tTK-value (0x02).
    In step 7 comparison of R4 (= 0x02) with #4 results in "R4 is greater than #4" , which is "2 is greater than 4".
    This does not happen, when I execute the same steps in Keil uVision or whithout changing the value in R4.

    1) After reset the first BP was reached.
    2) After 1xF10
    3) After a second time F10
    4) After "Set next statement"
    5) Manually set "tTK" = 0x02
    6) After 1xF10
    7) After a second time F10

    • screens.zip

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  • Hi,

    We are not aware of any problems with stepping and were not able to reproduce the issue.
    Would it be possible to provide a project which shows this issue?

    What happens when you continue (and set a breakpoint in the if) instead of a single step in step 6?
    Does the behaviour change when you edit R4 in the registers window directly instead of tTK in the watches window?

    Best regards
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