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  • Ozone, suggestions


    I like Ozone, would like it even more if you could take to the following:

    1) The memory-table can show 32Bit addresses, that is 4GB. My STM32F103 has 512kB so the slider is absolutely unusable.
    Can you shrink the range to the actually used uC or let the user manually preset it ?
    2) The Source Viewer functions "Collapse All" and "Expand All" are related to disassembly only.
    Could you implement a function like "Collapse All C/C++ Functions " ?
    3) It would be very nice if the find-function would automatically take over the word under the cursor where "find" or Ctrl+f was chosen.

    I'd be happy to see some of these in one of the next updates :)

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    In the memory window you might want to view your flash at 0x00000000, your RAM at 0x20000000, and maybe SFRs at 0xE0000000,
    this is why the whole address space is available.
    To move within one range (e.g. the flash), you may use the mouse wheel or keyboard.
    Additionally you can go to any address using the context menu or the toolbar of the memory window.
    We will also put the memory window interface on our list for improvements.

    Source Code block detection and/or collapsing is currently not available, but we will put it on our ToDo.

    Currently you can mark test and press Ctrl+F to auto-fill the search box. We will also improve this.

    Best regards
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