Partial writes to MT29F1G01

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  • Partial writes to MT29F1G01

    Hi There,
    We are considering emFile PRO for our current project, but have a technical query which we would like answering before making a decision.
    The project requires the writing of data to 40 separate files at a rate of 5 writes per second to each file. A micron MT29F1G01 NAND flash device will be used to store the data.Is the MT29F1G01 device supported by emFile?
    Each file update will contain 100 bytes of data.
    • How
      would the filesystem manage the partial writes to the 512byte pages of the
      MT29F1G01? Would it be better to buffer the data and write it in larger chunks.
    • If we were to write 512byte chunks, is there any way to guarantee it resides in a single page? Would that even be necessary?
  • Hello Donal,

    The Micron MT29F1G01 is supported by the emFile Universal NAND driver.
    This driver does not perform partial writes to a NAND page. It always writes an entire NAND page at once.

    Regarding buffering:
    Using a buffer when writing small chunks of data is recommended for better write performance
    and for preserving the lifetime of the NAND flash. emFile comes with a configurable file buffer
    therefor the application is not required to buffer the data itself.

    Best regards,