Task number limitations on SystemView and EmbOSView

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  • Task number limitations on SystemView and EmbOSView


    It seems that SystemView limits the number of task that can be display at 50 tasks. This is the same limitations than for EmbOSView.

    But I don't understand because in all the documentation of embOS, Segger claims that the number of tasks is unlimited but has no tools to monitor all these tasks !

    Is there a way to see all the tasks of the system, monitor their activity and know the total number of task of the system ?
  • Hi Vincent,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    This limit is currently imposed by embOS, for an appropiately sized buffer is required on the target side. For a default that fits most cases, 50 tasks were then deemed appropriate in order to keep memory consumption to a minimum. I'm sorry this proves to be insufficient to you now.
    We'll consider changing this for upcoming releases of our software.

    Best regards,

    SEGGER Support embOS

    PS: If you're a registered embOS customer, please also consider contacting us via email. While we will occassionally answer herein as well, this forum is generally not monitored by our technical support personnel.
  • Is it possible to modify embOS (macro definition...) to allow embOS return the information for more than 50 tasks ? Or is this limitation also dependent of embOSView ?

    It could be great for us to customize the tasks limitations in order we can debug all our tasks.


  • Hi Vincent,

    As said above, the limit is imposed by embOS. There's no limit on the embOSView side of communications.

    We have, however, decided to lift this limit in upcoming versions of embOS: While the upcoming release V4.30, unfortunately, has already been scheduled and thus will not include any changes to this, we will gladly introduce the respective changes with the subsequent embOS release V4.32. Of course, we will notify you once that version becomes available.

    Best regards,
  • Hi,

    EmbOS version 4.32 has been released, but I don't see any modifications about the limitation of 50 tasks in embOSView and SystemView. It seems the limitation is always present in this version.

    Could tell me if it is planned to suppress this limitation in a future version of embOS ?