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  • Hello,

    I use Ozone (x64) on Linux, version is 2.20g, compiled on 2016-10-05.

    As target Device i chose STM32F407IE, target interface SWD, speed 1 MHz.
    When I press "Finish" in this dialog then I see in the console window:

    p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

    J-Link software found at:

    Project.SetDevice ("STM32F407IE");

    Project.SetHostIF ("USB", "");

    Project.SetTargetIF ("SWD");

    Project.SetTIFSpeed ("1 MHz");

    Project.AddSvdFile ("Cortex-M4.svd");

    Project.AddSvdFile ("Cortex-M4.svd"): invalid filename
    I thought this would be an internal error and you might be interested in it?

    I'm not sure how critical this is.

    Best regards