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    • My imported ST Cube project is complaining:

      #ifndef __ARMVFP__
      #error This port can only be used when the project options are configured to enable hardware floating point support.
      I've selected hard floating point and the correct architecture in `Code Generation` (see attached). I can hack this and try to define this macro but what is the proper way to get this work. I have another (non-Cube) based project that does not use the ST HAL for this same processor with FreeRTOS integrated and do not have this error but I cannot find the difference between the two.

      • Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 3.36.40 PM.png

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    • Hi,

      Yes, __ARMVFP__ is a preprocessor define which is set by the IAR compiler.
      These defines are set by Embedded Studio / GCC, based on the project configuration:

      Best regards