More RTTblock not found questions

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  • More RTTblock not found questions

    Trying to get systemview up on a kinda strange system
    Custom CM0, with a bootloader that we don't have the source for and we think relocates the program.
    We load our program into off chip flash and then boot from there so we have to connect to a running target

    I can connect with system view but it complains that the "RTT control block not found"

    This thread makes it sound like auto detection won't work. So how does a guy find the RTT block?

    Cortex M0

    System View 2.4a

    J-Link ARM V8 Compiled Nov 28 2014
    Hardware V8.00

    Keith Vasilakes

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  • Hi Keith,

    On my system the Auto detect sometimes struggle to find RTT block. Therefore it is better to use fixed address value.
    How to do it => Please read manual about define SEGGER_RTT_SECTION and SEGGER_SYSVIEW_BUFFER_SECTION.

    The SystemView application is searching for "SEGGER RTT" string in memory. This string marks start of RTT control block (for details see SEGGER_RTT_CB struct in code).
    To be sure that segger initialization was OK read your memory and check if it was written to it.

    Best regards
    Lukasz Antczak