SystemView events 0-31, timer start / expired

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  • SystemView events 0-31, timer start / expired


    I want to use


    To inform about software timers start/expire events. I'm using freertos 9.0.0.
    I'm able to pass timer ID in SYSVIEW_EVTID_TIMER_ENTER event but it is not possible in case of SYSVIEW_EVTID_TIMER_EXIT.
    Because of it i'm not able to see which timer expired.

    Is it possible to extend some of IDs 0-31, like it is possible in description file for API events (32 - 500)?

    Best regards
    Lukasz Antczak
  • Hi Lukasz,

    TIMER_ENTER should be called when the timer expired and its handler is called.
    TIMER_EXIT is then called when the handler returns.

    So the timer Id is required only for TIMER_ENTER, since on TIMER_EXIT SystemView knows that this must correspond to the last timer entered.

    IDs 0-31 are internal and cannot be modified.

    Best regards