Can't get Systemview back on the active screen

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  • Can't get Systemview back on the active screen

    Using SystemView 2.40... I ran it at one point and then changed desks so my virtual screen layout is different on Windows 10 system. When I bring up SystemView it comes up with the popover window on my desktop but the main window is in outer space somewhere. On windows 8 this isn't too much of a problem because you can right click the icon in the tray and tell it to maximize and the act of doing that snaps it to the real window you are in. Win 10 doesn't have that option (oddly enough).

    If I close it and restart it, it's remembering where it was between incantations so it goes back to outer space somewhere.

    Interesting problem. Runs - I just can grab it to run see it and work with it.

    Any ideas of how to retrieve it?