[SOLVED] Random popups to update firmware in programmer

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  • [SOLVED] Random popups to update firmware in programmer


    We have designed an automated test fixture for a customer to use in their factory that fully tests the functionality of a medical product that they have developed. The test fixture that we designed for them uses a Segger J-Link programmer inside of it to program the controllers that are used in their design. Once this test fixture is released to the customer and they complete their qualification testing, nothing on this test fixture can ever change including any firmware on any of the hardware devices.

    My question is how do we stop the J-Link software from asking to update the firmware on the programmer? We must have the ability to stop this from happening as an operator in the factory could accidentally click the wrong button and get the firmware updated. Now I know this is probably something that is very useful to most people but in this application it cannot happen as the qualification for this test fixture is government controlled and if anything with it ever changes it must be taken out of use until it is re-qualified. The popup seems to happen randomly and additionally when the test fixture is running in fully automated mode for burn-in testing, the popup to update the firmware stops the test from continuing until the popup is acknowledged.

    Any help would be appreciated, a screenshot of the message we are getting is attached.
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  • Hi,

    Firmware updates only ship with new versions of the J-Link software & documentation pack.
    Therefore, as long as the J-Link software is not updated, no firmware updates will be offered.

    Additionally, the J-Link Command string "SuppressInfoUpdateFW" can be used.
    For further information regarding J-Link Command strings, please refer to UM8001 that ships with the J-Link software & documentation pack.

    If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Best regards,
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