OS_Start causes OS_Error code OS_ERR_STACK

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  • OS_Start causes OS_Error code OS_ERR_STACK

    I'm using Embos for Cortex M and Keil IDE to realize a firmware for K60FN1M0xxx15.
    When program calls OS_Start function, OS_Error is called with error OS_ERR_STACK=0x78 and the K60 is reset.
    if I use breakpoint in OS_Error, I see that the last called function is OS_ChangeTask_VFP().
    In startup code, I defined:
    Stack_Size EQU 0x00000400

    Heap_Size EQU 0x00000200
    I tried to increase the size of stack, but the error remains.
    How can I resolve the problem?

    Thanks in advance
    Best regards

  • Dear Veronica,

    I just checked the board support package and I can build and run the K60 start project without any problems.
    The error message says a task stack overflowed but I guess in your case this is caused by something else.

    Did you make any modifications to the sample application or the start project?
    Which Keil MDK version do you use? I used Keil MDK V5.20.
    Which evalboard do you use?

    Please don't hesitate to contact us directly via our embOS support email address.
    You can find the embOS support email address in the chapter "Support" in the embOS manual.

    Best regards,