embOS trial & Rowley compiler

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  • embOS trial & Rowley compiler

    I downloaded "embOS 3.62a1 trial for ARM7/9 and Rowley compiler".
    I am using "Rowley Crossstudio v14 build 5" for compilation your example "LPC2468_EA" and see an error:

    C:/Program Files/Rowley Associates Limited/CrossWorks for ARM 1.4/gcc/bin/ld: ERROR: Lib/osT4LR.a(OSCOM2.o) uses VFP instructions, whereas THUMB Flash Release/embos.elf does not

    Build failed

    Then I change "ARM Architecture" in project options from v4T fo v5T and compilation is OK.
    But v4T=ATM7TDMI , and v5T=ARM9TDMI.
    LPC2468=ARM7TDMI-S processor.

    Question: There are no libraries for ATM7TDMI. There are only for ARM9TDMI. Am I right?
  • Hello,

    I just checked the embOS project with an older Rowley CrossStudio version and the latest Rowley CrossStudio version

    The embOS start project for LPC2468_EA compiles in all configurations without any problem.

    Did you make any changes to the embOS start project? Could you please download the latest Rowley CrossStudio version?