cannot find RTT control block

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  • Then continuously recording is not supported on your device,
    since it does not allow to access memory while the target is running.
    In general this is only possible on Cortex-M, Renesas RX, and some Cortex-A devices.

    The difference between read data and start recording is,
    that with read data the target is halted and the data is read only once.

    Best regards
  • No Starting or reading

    I'm attempting to use FreeRTOS 9 with 2.38 in the code and 2.40 SystemView (I think) on KDS MK22F part. I've got the project set up with just an Idle task and nothing else. Bare metal past that without turning on anything else. I'm attempting to strip down the project to bare essentials.

    Talking to it with a J-LINK Lite running over SWD. I've got the thing compiled and running. I'm sure systemview is talking to the device as I accidentally left the debugger running and got a breakpoint that indicated it was talking.

    When doing "start recording" I come back immediately with a "Failed to start recording. RTT Control Block Not found"

    if I use the "read recorded data" SystemVIew hangs waiting for something until I pull the USB cable to the J-LINK lite.

    Any hints?
  • I was able to get RTT working on this system. I can send prints to the terminal (J-LINK viewer).

    I was able to get SystemView to grab data with the "Read Recorded Data" after I inserted a SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Start() in the code. I get some variable data out of this: right now it doesn't have time information in it but I have seen it do that and get nice traces.

    I still can't get it to do a record real time.

    The target here is a Freescale MK22F256 part (Cortex M4) so the part shouldn't be the problem.

    Documentation on the site suggests that the J-LINK lite board should be able to do this, but maybe it's wrong and you need an actual J-LINK to do real time recording?