View RTT printf() in SysView?

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  • View RTT printf() in SysView?

    I can printf() to SES via RTT. I am also using SysView to print. I assume these are using different SWO channels. I think what I'd like to do is just use printf() and see those messages in SES. Then disconnect JLink and start SysView and see the same messages there.

    I saw a similar post but it didn't seem like quite the same request. It seems to me that if SysView and SES are listening to the same channel all should be well?

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  • Doing printf() via RTT outputs to the RTT Terminal Channel (Buffer 0),
    SystemView uses a second RTT Channel (i.e. Buffer 1), so those are two different data streams.

    To get printf-like output in SystemView you need to use the SystemView printf/print functions.
    You can print to both at the same time, automatic switching is not possible.

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