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    What is the correct way to set both OS_PROFILE and OS_VIEW? What is the difference? I cannot find a reference to OS_PROFILE in the documentation.

    The sample code I downloaded is calling the system view initialization code because OS_PROFILE is set. OS_PROFILE if not defined is set in RTOS.h based on the library being used.

    I'm using a debug library but I do not want the system view enabled.
  • Dear Kenny,

    OS_PROFILE will be defined depending on OS_LIBMODE*, so you don't have to set it manually. OS_VIEW_ENABLE is something completely different, it is used to enable the communication to embOSView.

    You can simply disable SystemView by removing SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Conf() in your RTOSInit*.c. If you don't want to use the profiling feature at all, use the debug library instead of the debug + profiling library, so OS_PROFILE will be set to zero.

    Best regards,