Hardfault Using SystemView 2.38 and FreeRTOS

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  • Hardfault Using SystemView 2.38 and FreeRTOS

    I recently updated to SystemView 2.38 from 2.36a and I am now getting a hard fault after about an hour of running. The hard fault seems to be occurring in SEGGER_SYSVIEW_OnUserStart_SYS when the RECORD_END macro is called. I can't find an large difference between the two versions. The other interesting detail is while I am running from my IAR debugger I haven't started a SystemView session and I am not recording.

    Any thoughts?

  • Did I get this correct:
    You included SystemView in your project but did not start the SystemView app on the host, but your application crashes?

    When the SystemView app is not connected and recording is not started explicitly,
    SystemView basically does nothing but discarding the event and checking for an incoming packet.
    When SystemView is configured to use a static buffer (default) RECORD_END() will simply call SYSVIEW_UNLOCK().

    I don't see how this could cause a hard fault.
    Do you have high priority interrupts which are not disabled by SYSVIEW_LOCK()?

    Best regards