Min Run Time calculation seems incorrect for me.

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  • Min Run Time calculation seems incorrect for me.

    When I go to the entry for the Min Run Time (0.0032 ms) for my ECatSlaveStack task, and hover over the timeline graph, the dynamically displayed bar that starts at the beginning of the task running and the end shows 497.0 us. What is particuly noteworthy is that the SysTick interrupts it right near the end, returning to the task for just a small amount of time before returning back to the scheduler.

    There seems to be two different methods that calculate the run time. One for the graph, and one for the stats.

    I have attached a picture to show this.

    Also note, I HAVE customized the SYSVIEW code to run a task (SeggerSysView) upon receiving a request to send the system descriptions, at which point the task sends each system description entry one at a time via a low-priority task, rather than in bulk. I found that sending it all at once via the callback takes too long for my time-sensitive application, and impacts the Max Run Time stats.

    I have tried reverting back to the original code, and it seems to behave the same way, so it doesn't seem that I have introduced the problem.

    I have noticed, even in the user's manual that all of those tasks also have very low Min Run Time values.

    Can someone please look at the picture and see if I am possibly missing a log event of some sort which causes this behavior, or is this a bug?

    The other thing that is a problem is that the frequency of the task running is incorrect. It really runs at 500 Hz, and this calculation problem is most likely related.

    I am running the latest version 2.38.

    Thanks in advance.
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