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  • EMBOS TCP/IP Options

    I am looking for tools to support a design based on a Cortex-M7 (likely an STM32F7 though perhaps Freescale) with TCP/IP. I've used EMBOS on several projects over the years and have been entirely satisfied with it. I am also liking Segger Embedded Studio and have owned many JLinks. I have only used the kernel-aware plugin in IAR and assume that it is working in SES (will do use that soon on another project).

    Does anyone have a TCP/IP port of something like LWIP that integrates with EMBOS? Or perhaps the MQX RTCS? I understand that Segger has a stack that they offer.
  • Hi Kenny,

    yes, we provide a SES embOS plugih, too.
    It has basically the same functionality.

    Why don't you like to use embOS/IP?
    It is the best solution if you are already working with Segger products and satisfied with it.

    Both LWIP and MQX RTCS should include a RTOS layer which makes it easy to integrate it with embOS.
    We can help you with the integration, of course.

    Best regards,
  • A Freescale/MQX solution starts to make more sense when your TCP/IP solution is considered. With MQX you get all the networking options with no fuss. There is also a well worn path of usage on the Kinetis platform. When I start porting and I'm the only one using the combined solution I become concerned about reliability and support.

    If I had a LWIP solution with EMBOS then I could use SES which I prefer over the Eclipse solutions like KDS, I get the kernel plugin which is a requirement, and I get an RTOS I like. If you provided the port then I might not be the only one using it and there might be good support here. Who knows, it might help you sell more EMBOS licenses for those like me that aren't satisfied with FreeRTOS.

    Just some thoughts.
  • Hi Kenny,

    thanks for your thoughts but we will not provide a LWIP port, of course.
    We have our own TCP/IP stack which is much more reliable and efficient than such a non commercial project.
    To be honest we sell more than enough embOS license since meanwhile it is de facto standard for embedded products ;) .

    The problem with such non commercial projects like FreeRTOS or LWIP is that you need much work time to get it up and running.
    I think nobody works for free and in the end you pay more than for the embOS and embOS/IP license.
    And it is also a little bit of gambling. What happens when you are running into an issue with FreeRTOS or LWIP?
    Who is responsible for mistakes? Who investigates and corrects the bugs? Who gives support?
    With Segger products you have one single point of contact and you will get the support directly from the developers.

    Please don't misunderstand me, I appreciate such projects but I think it is not so easy to use them for commercial products.

    Best regards,