SystemView: Error message Target DLL

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  • SystemView: Error message Target DLL

    I want to use SystemView in my application and I am getting an error msg: J-Link ARM Error Target DLL.
    I have an STM32F4-Discovery - I upgraded the ST-Link of the board to J-Link and when I start SystemView I go to Target -> Start Recording I get the error massage J-Link ARM Error Target DLL (screenshot capture.png). When I click OK I get capture2.png screen where I am supposed to select target device but I can't find Cortex-M4 - There is only Cortex-M3.
    After that I still get Target DLL error msg and after a while I get the message (screeshot Capture3.png):
    Failed to start recording. Possible reasons:
    - J-Link or target not connected
    - Target not running
    - SYSTEMVIEW module not configured
    I an sure that my board is connect and running - I can start debugger from Segger IDE.
    One possible pb is "SYSTEMVIEW module not configured" : How can I check that?
    Any hint that could help?
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