SystemView Events limitation

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  • SystemView Events limitation

    I'm using SystemView to log information from my application in the Terminal view.

    It seems that SystemView is limited to 1 000 000 events, which means for my application a runtime of several seconds.

    It is possible to configure SystemView UI to be able to suppress this limitation of events and get the application running all the time (for example with a circular buffer which lets us the possibility to get only the 1 000 000 last events).

    Without this possibility, SystemView can not be used because I'm not always in front of my PC to restart SystemView each time its reach this limitation.

  • Hi,

    SystemView is in general meant to analyze "short-time" system behavior.
    To log messages throughout the whole run-time from your application you could use RTT without SystemView.

    There will also be a version without the limitation of 1 000 000 events.
    With the latest version if SystemView you can configure SystemView to not record specific events,
    you can for example disable recording interrupts with SEGGER_SYSVIEW_DisableEvents(SEGGER_SYSVIEW_EVENT_MASK_ALL_INTERRUPTS);
    Another option, if you only need the last log messages (e.g. on a crash) could be the post-mortem mode of SystemView.

    Best regards