USBH_Init & USBH_Exit

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  • USBH_Init & USBH_Exit


    I don't understand why this simple code would not work properly :

    C Source Code

    1. void MainTask(void)
    2. {
    3. USBH_Init();
    4. USBH_Exit();
    5. }

    USBH_Exit() get stuck in a while loop in USBH_HW_STM32F2xxFS.c file in function static void _RemoveDriver(USBH_HC_HANDLE hHostController).
    It seems that the variable _RemoveComplete is never set to a value different from 0.

    For information:
    - embUSB-Host version: V1.16e
    - µC : STM32L476VG

    Thanks for your help,
  • The USBH and ISR tasks have to be present for exit to work.
    Furthermore exit had a couple of issues when used with the ST drivers in V1.16. This was fixed in V1.30b.
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