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    • Source File Resolution

      I am debugging a project that was built externally with make and the ARM GCC tools. I'm having difficulty getting the IDE to find the C source. Please see attached images for:

      1. If I right click on the call stack and 'Go to Source' I get an error.

      2. I tried adding the search path.

      3. If I concatenate the path the .elf file is using with the search path the file is found at the command line.



      Embedded Studio: V2.20
      ARM GCC: 4_9-2015q1
      OSX: 10.11.5
      JLink Plus
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    • Hi,

      If you double-click on the call stack you can manually locate the file with the file selection dialog.
      Additionally you could enter the whole path (/Volumes/Development/stm32f4/boards/v1rc/) as a search path.
      Could you also try building the application with absolute paths?

      Is there any reason not to use the internal toolchain in Embedded Studio?

    • I will eventually use the internal tool chain (assuming it's using at least GCC 5.x so that I get C++14 support) but I just inherited this project and its nested makefiles etc and do not have time to convert the project.

      Choosing the files by clicking on the call stack gave me the errors that I posted (as images). Somehow though things are working smoothly now. I think it may have had to do with where the SES project file was located. I moved it to the root directory of my project but I'm not sure if this is what solved the problem. It may have gotten in to a weird state that corrected itself after I closed all the source files.

      I'd prefer not to build absolute paths into the .elf as I like having the option of loading the exact file without a rebuild.

      This is the first time in 10 years I've been able to do full development on my Mac so I appreciate the support. So far the environment seems very nice. I also appreciate the full access evaluation. I expect that we'll make a purchase should things continue to go smoothly.