SEGGER_SYSVIEW_OnUserStart does not show up in the task list

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  • should be there, but you'll find it in the timeline under whatever 'task' happened to be running at the time, which is probably idle, it doesn't get a separate row. If you find it in the list at the top and click on it there, the cursor will jump to it, then zoom in really far and you should see the tiny tick mark.
  • Thanks rols,

    I zoomed in max possible and there is no tick mark. I see that the User Start log is counting number of times it called but I also want to see this in the timeline. I know that the rows are actuals tasks which makes a lot of sense for RTOS devices, but with no RTOS I do not want to search the whole log if some user event happens after couple of seconds of running the system.

    Maybe I should create a macro to make it think that the subroutine is a task by sending packets similar to those sent when task switching is done.
  • Hi,

    As written via e-mail,
    the best way to record API function execution is to use the middleware module instrumentation as described in the User Manual.

    The upcoming version of SystemView will include a more detailed documentation on middleware instrumentation and an according example.