[Solved] Name the ISR

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  • [Solved] Name the ISR


    I am using the NoOS port of the SystemView and I want to monitor some interrupt routines.
    I haven't looked much into the code but I want to name the interrupt routines so that I can differentiate them correctly on the GUI. Right now I see that the are named ISR #22 and ISR #33 which is kind of confusing. Can you tell me how I can name my ISR as SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RecordEnterISR() does not take any arguments. I tried putting SEGGER_SYSVIEW_NameResource(SEGGER_SYSVIEW_EVENT_ID_ISR_ENTER, "GPIOTE_ISR"); but that only shows up in the log and not on the tasks list.
  • It would be a very handy enhancement if you were able to name the interrupts in the .txt file as well. With the latest enhancements I've managed to move almost all the strings to the .txt file, saving code size and bandwidth. The only strings left in the instrumentation code are now the IRQ names and you have to decide how often to send them. If SystemView read them from the .txt file, it would always have them available no matter when it started up.
  • In contrast to the API description, interrupt Ids are device specific. #31 isn't the same on nRF51 as on STM32F4.
    Therefore the interrupt description should be provided by the application.

    We might add description files for devices in a future version,
    but for now they should be recorded in the system description callback, which is called when SystemViewer connects.