SystemViewer not decoding events when launched by double-clicking

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  • SystemViewer not decoding events when launched by double-clicking

    SystemViewer (OSX again) doesn't decode events when you start it by double-clicking, the usual way you start things, from the Applications directory or the launchpad. You get events which look like this ..

    #115 01 01 00

    The OS is being correctly identified as O=FreeRTOS and the description file is in the right place


    which is right alongside the application


    If you actually go to that directory and run SystemViewer from a command prompt


    it works correctly. So I suspect that running it the usual way with a double-click sets the current working directory to the package or your home directory or no directory at all and I suspect too that systemviewer uses whatever the current working directory is to hunt for the description subdirectory, so it doesn't find it.

    You can work around it by command-line launching, but it would be nice to have that fixed.

    This is v2.35a.

    EDIT: actually I can answer the question about what directory CWD is set to on a standard double-click launch, it's '/', yes the root directory. That definitely won't contain any description. So searching relative to current working directory isn't going to work very well.

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