Can you see SWO output in Segger Studio?

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  • Can you see SWO output in Segger Studio?

    I have a simple test app which throws information out of SWO via ITM stimulus 0. I can see the output by running JLink Commander with the command

    SWOView 8000000

    as I have it running at 8MHz. I get screenloads of text under JLink Commander

    Is there a way I can get SES to show that data as text whilst debugging under SES? I've tried some of the trace options but I either get no information or have managed to get the whole thing locked up completely. I'm not sure trace is quite right as I'm not actually tracing, I just want the SWO output.

    Bonus question - is there a way to give JLinkSWOViewer a frequency? It chooses 6000kHz when I run that off the command line but I'm running at 8MHz and 6MHz isn't an option for me (nrf52).

    I'd prefer to get this SWO data in SES anyway so I can debug and look at the SWO output at the same time.
  • Is this true? I thought the example "Hello, world." used SWO to print console messages.


    Sorry. I was wrong. It's using RTT. I don't know why this site reformats my code to a single line :(.

    Source Code

    1. int printf(const char *fmt,...) { char buffer[128]; va_list args; va_start (args, fmt); int n = vsnprintf(buffer, sizeof(buffer), fmt, args); SEGGER_RTT_Write(0, buffer, n); va_end(args); return n;}

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