FlashARM - StandAlone Mode does NOT work.

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  • FlashARM - StandAlone Mode does NOT work.

    FlasherARM does not work in Standalone mode.

    I attached files in Flashser.

    It is zipped, you need to change its extension to ".zip".

    Inside the zip file, you will see JFlash Project file which works perfectly with F7 Auto Mode in JLink Mode.

    Please, check flasher.log which is generated by FlasherARM.

    Please, let me know if you need anything else.

    DMD.Master.jflash, the project file, will tell you the most of desired configuration.

    Thank you.
  • For anyone who suffer from SAM.

    Unlike PC version,

    Before you download to emulator, you should select exact mcu device in

    Options->Project Settings->Target Interface->JTAG scan chain information -> Detailed Configuration

    Click on the device you want to program (in my case ARM966ES, not ST FLASH).

    Click [Apply or OK], save project file if you want, File-> Download to Emul. Tada~~~ it's done.

    You unplug it from PC, re-connect with 5V USB PowerOnly cable.

    Then start, it worked.

    Unlike PC version, SAM demon cannot FIND mcu core for you, unless you explicitly select it for SAM.