[Segger Ozone]GDB commands

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  • Thanks for the reply.
    I already had a look to Ozone User Manual but did not find what I wanted.

    1) I'm indeed trying to find an equivalent of "GDB waithalt(time)" for Ozone which would wait for a given amount of time during execution before doing a Debug.Halt().
    I can't use Util.Sleep() because I don't want to pause the current operation but just to have a "halt" after the timeout has expired.
    Do you know if it is feasible with Ozone own commands?

    2) I need to call a batch file. In GDB, I would use "shell program_name...". Is it possible to call an external batch file from Ozone?
    3) And I would need also an equivalent to "restore filename [binary] bias start end".
    Indeed, I need to take parts of a binary file, not starting at address 0 and not finishing at the end of the file. Target.LoadMemory() just allows to specify the destination address but not the content area taken into the binary file.
    Thanks for your precious help!

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