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    I saw YT graph sample provided on Segger site. We have little different requirement.
    In Sample provided, the new data keep on moving. In our case,the new data should erase previously drawn data. Please see the attached example image..
    how can i achieve it with or without graph widget ?
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  • Hello

    If you have source of emWin, rewrite your own following function:

    void GRAPH__AddValue(GRAPH_DATA_OBJ * pDataObj, void * pData, void * pValue, int Size)

    -OR another WAY-

    don not use YT data by emWin, manage your own YT-Data and using
    void GRAPH_SetUserDraw(GRAPH_Handle hObj, void (* pUserDraw)(WM_HWIN hObj, int Stage))

    callback to draw your own YT-Data .

    Best regards.

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