Problem with Hide and Show Windows

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  • Problem with Hide and Show Windows


    I seem to have problem with WM_HideWindow() and WM_ShowWindow() APIs.

    I have created 2 windows (HomeWindow and SettingWindow) and each of the windows have multiple child widgets. When I try to hide HomeWindow and show the SettingWindow, the child widgets of the HomeWindow are still seen in the background.

    Is there a way I can get show and hide windows including their child widgets?

  • Hi Frost

    Apologies for the late response. I stopped tracking the thread when there was no response for a few days.

    Yes I have ensured that the widgets belong to the right parent Windows. I have passed that problem, by creating all Windows with WM_CF_HIDE flag and using WM_ShowWindow() & WM_HideWindow() in the callbacks.