Generating system view compatible binary files from the micro

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  • Generating system view compatible binary files from the micro


    System view is a great tool, and I'm especially interested in using it for post mortem analysis.
    At the moment I've been able to successfully grab the data out of my microprocessor (an LPC1788) via the Jtag interface without any problems, however I would also like to be able to create automatic crash logs on the unit which can then be viewed later.
    I've written the code within my unit so the RTT buffers are not wiped when the unit restarts so I can check if the unit under went a hard reset (eg the power was cut and hence the ram has randomish values in it) and not store the buffer or if the unit had a soft reset (eg was restarted via the watchdog, hence the uninitalised ram still has the values in it from before the reset) The code all works correctly and I store the RTT data buffer from ram onto an SD card as described in the manual (Page 41 - Post-mortem analysis) eg storing pBuffer+WrOff until the end of the buffer and then appending pBuffer until pBuffer+RdOff+1.

    The problem I have hit is that when I try and load the resulting bin file into System Viewer it gives me no errors, but also doesn't show any scheduler data.
    I have confirmed that the bin file is accurately storing the contents of pBuffer, so I'm wondering if the manual has gotten out of data and if the loading of bin files off the hard disk requires more information stored in them than just the raw pBuffer data. Do I need to add something to the start or end of the pBuffer data to have it loaded correctly by System Viewer?