How to disable selection in Listview

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  • How to disable selection in Listview

    I like to show a tables of nodes upto 40. In STM32F7-Disco 4.3" TFT. I generated the Listview code in GUIbuilder, displayed the same in TFT Really good!! Thank you Segger team.

    When i touch the listview , the full row got selected and focused .

    My problem is, i dont want the selection feature. How can i disable it.
    Any one help me please.

    Thank you
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  • Hi,

    You can use LISTVIEW_Callback to disable WM_TOUCH message handle to diasable it.

    LISTVIEW_cbDisableTouch(WM_MESSAGE *pMsg) {
    switch (pMsg->MsgId) {
    case WM_TOUCH:
    WM_SetCallback(hListView, LISTVIEW_cbDisableTouch);