putchar is not working in embOS source code trial version for NXP's IMX6UL

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  • putchar is not working in embOS source code trial version for NXP's IMX6UL


    I downloaded the embOS trial version source code(embOS_ARM_IAR_V6_Trial_V414.zip) from https://www.segger.com/downloads/embos link i successfully build the LED blink application code on the IAR(Version 7.60) for freescale's imx6ul processor.

    Now my task is to run LED blink application on MCIMX6UL-EVK board.for this i am loading .bin(output binary file) to SD card through loads command (through teraterm) but its hanged somewhere(plz see screen shot) so for check i used putchar() instruction for print but situation continues.So my question is how can print get works? do i have to write some driver for print or i am missing something.

    I am attaching u the some screen shots(booting sequence,IAR workbench) so please find the attachment and guide in a proper way.

    • IAR.png

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    • teraterm_shot_1.png

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  • Although this is already solved with Atma a few background information which could be also of interest for other developers:

    The embOS start project was made for the internal RAM. You can run embOS also from SD card, of course, but a few modifications will be necessary. At least a 2nd level boot loader is necessary for those devices. The CPU includes a 1st level boot loader which can check if e.g. a SD card is present, copies a small image from the SD card to the internal RAM and runs it. This image is the 2nd level boot loader which initializes the rest of the system, copies the actual application from the SD card to e.g. external RAM and starts it.
    The 2nd level boot loader can be developed by Segger on request.