embOS for freescale's IMX6UL

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  • embOS for freescale's IMX6UL


    I am new on the embOS.I want to do C programming on SEGGER RTOS but don't know how to proceed.I am using freescale's Processor Expert tool for build my application, MCIMX6ULK-EVK board and SEGGER's J-link EDU version JTAG to load files so tell me what the version of SEGGER's embos are supporting to freescale's imx6ul processor and processor expert tool.If not than what tool i preferred we will purchase if SEGGER embos support is there. :)

    Atma Prakaash
    DSP Engineer
    ATC Labs Pvt Ltd(India)

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  • Hi Atma,

    embOS ARM supports iM6XUL. With e.g. embOS ARM IAR we already have a start project for iMX6UL which works out of the box.
    You can use Freescale Processor Expert with embOS although embOS does not rely on it.

    I will contact you directly per email to discuss further details.

    Best regards,