JFlash cannot detect Flash Device (Spansion S29GL128)

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  • JFlash cannot detect Flash Device (Spansion S29GL128)

    J Flash cannot detect the external NOR flash on my board. I am using an ARM9 processor. In the automatically detect mode, JFlash indicates that it cannot detect any flash devices. If I specify the device, the manufacturer ID and the device ID do not match. If I disable these fields, JFlash will connect. The device supports CFI. Please help.
  • I had the same problem using ARM7 (PLC2460) (... cannot detect any flash device). In my case the problem was in the Init Sequence. Try to use the Init Sequence below or modified that to ARM9. Verify in which Chip Select (CS0 or CS1) the FLASH is connected. Good luck!

    Reset(0, 0); // Reset and halt target
    Write32(0xE01FC1A8, 0xAAAAAAAA); // PCLKSEL0
    Write32(0xE01CFC1A, 0xAAAAAAAA); // PCLKSEL1
    Write32(0xFFE08000, 0x00000001); // EMCCONTROL
    Write32(0xE002C018, 0x55555555); // PINSEL6
    Write32(0xE002C020, 0x55555555); // PINSEL8
    Write32(0xE002C024, 0x50555555); // PINSEL9
    Write32(0xFFE08204, 0x00000002); // EMCSTATICWAITWEN0
    Write32(0xFFE08208, 0x00000002); // EMCSTATICWAITOEN0
    Write32(0xFFE0820C, 0x0000001F); // EMCSTATICWAITRD0
    Write32(0xFFE08210, 0x0000001F); // EMCSTATICWAITPG0
    Write32(0xFFE08214, 0x0000001F); // EMCSTATICWAITWR0
    Write32(0xFFE08218, 0x0000000F); // EMCSTATICWAITTURN0
    Write32(0xFFE08200, 0x00000081); // EMCSTATICCNFG0