[SOLVED] How to use hardware cursor with emWin?

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  • [SOLVED] How to use hardware cursor with emWin?

    These days I was struggling with hardware cursor.
    I configured the lpc43xx, and tested ok.

    I knew that both lpc43xx and emWin support hardware cursor.
    But, there're some questions with emWin:
    a) Need another layer? (Now GUI_NUM_LAYERS is limited to 1 by default)
    b) How to tell emWin there's a hardware cursor and use it?
    c) lpc43xx modifies frame buffer directly, will emWin overwrite them?

    The UM03001 says very little about it.
    Any idea or hint is welcome! Thanks.

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  • Hi,

    a) Yes, as explained in the documentation. Excerpt:

    "If a hardware supports multiple layers and the ability of layer positioning emWin can be configured to use a separate layer for managing the cursor."

    b) “GUI_AssignCursorLayer()” should be used.

    c) Should be explained in detail under “GUI_AssignCursorLayer() in chapter 'MultiLayer API'