Unable to compile embOS V4.14a IAR EWB V2.20.

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  • Unable to compile embOS V4.14a IAR EWB V2.20.


    I've downlaoded trial version of embOS V4.14A for RL78 microprocessors and IAR. Then I've downloaded newest IAR EWB version which is available, which is V2.20. I've tried to compile some demo project for YRPBRL78G13 evaluation board, however what I get are following error messages:

    Source Code

    1. Error[Li009]: runtime model conflict: Module OSGLOBAL.o(osRL78nn1_DP.a) specifies that '__rt_version' must be '1', but module C:\Users\john\Desktop\embOS_RL78_IAR_Trial_V414a\Start\BoardSupport\Renesas\
    2. YRPBRL78G13\Output\Debug\Obj\BSP.o has the value '2'
    3. Error[Li005]: no definition for "__iar_program_start" [program entry]
    4. Error[Li009]: runtime model conflict: Module C:\Users\john\Desktop\embOS_RL78_IAR_Trial_V414a\Start\BoardSupport\Renesas\YRPBRL78G13\Output\Debug\Obj\BSP.o specifies that 'code model' must be 'near', but
    5. module OSGLOBAL.o(osRL78nn1_DP.a) has the value 'far'
    6. Error[Li005]: no definition for "__Add64" [referenced from OS_TICK_Handle.o(osRL78nn1_DP.a)]
    7. Error[Li005]: no definition for "?L_MUL_L03" [referenced from C:\Users\john\Desktop\embOS_RL78_IAR_Trial_V414a\Start\BoardSupport\Renesas\YRPBRL78G13\Output\Debug\Obj\RTOSInit_RL78G13.o]
    8. Error[Li005]: no definition for "?MEMCPY_NEAR" [referenced from OSCOM.o(osRL78nn1_DP.a)]
    9. Error[Lp049]: there was no reference to ___iar_data_init2, but it is needed to initialize section .bss (OSCOMRxTx1.o(osRL78nn1_DP.a) #6)
    10. Error[Lp048]: the init table "Table" is needed to initialize some variables, but there are no references to it
    11. Error while running Linker
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    I don't really know, where is the problem. My only idea is that static library osRL78nn1_DP.a was build with older version of IAR which is currently not compatible with V2.20. Please note that I'm aware that trial version wasn't tested with newest IAR and that as it is written in readme.txt it was tested for IAR V2.10.4 . So this is why I'm asking the question is it possible to migrate easyly with trial version to IAR V2.20. Downloading older version of IAR from website seems to be impossible and their customer service isn't quickest in the world. That's why maybe in the future it would be good idea to put additionally right version of IAR or any other IDE with embOS packet. Ofcourse if there are no licences constraints.
  • Dear Dawid,

    you are right. Unfortunately IAR changed again the runtime model, therefore the latest embOS RL78 IAR libraries are incompatible with IAR V2.20.
    We will release a new embOS RL78 IAR version for IAR V2.20 very soon.

    Could you please contact us directly per mail or give us a call?
    We should be able to send you something beforehand thereby you can directly continue your evaluation.

    Best regards,