Sending UBL and Uboot files to DM355 - Nand Flash

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  • Sending UBL and Uboot files to DM355 - Nand Flash


    I have a JLink Version 7.0, and I need to download the UBL and U-boot *.bin files to the NAND Flash on a TI DM355 EVM board. The JTAG is connected to the DM355 chip which essentially is a ARM9 microcontroller. Running J-Link Commnader shows that the connection detects the ARM9 microcontroller. How do I go about loading the ubl and uboot to the NAND Flash. The NAND Flash is a Micron chip (MT29F16G08FAA).

    Appreicate a response. Thanks in advance.
  • Hello npatel,

    currently the J-Link software does not support NAND flashes.
    There are two possible solutions for the problem:

    1. Writing a flash programming application on your own, using the J-Link ARM SDK.

    2. Buying a dedicated flash programming utility from Segger.

    The J-Link software and documentation package comes with deticated
    flash programming utilities (DFPUs,
    which allow the user to download a .bin file into the flash memory of the target hardware.
    These DFPUs are created for popular eval boards.
    Note: The free DFPUs which come with the J-Link software are allowed
    to be used for development purposes only.

    Currently there is not such a tool for the target hardware you use, but there is also the option to order a tool, from Segger.
    If you order a tool, you will also get the source code of the tool and you are also allowed to use this tool for production purposes.
    Costs for such a tool: 2980.00 EUR
    To get more information about the DFPUs, please get in touch with

    Best regards,