jlink-gdb-server - data rd/wr hardware breakpoint how to question.

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  • jlink-gdb-server - data rd/wr hardware breakpoint how to question.

    JLINK-GDB - has support for hardware instruction breakpoints, the CI, BI, commands.

    What about a DATA WRITE breakpoint?
    What about a DATA READ breakpoint?

    In my case, I have a nasty NULL pointer bug somewhere in my code. It trashes my interrupt vector table located at zero.

    When that happens, well - bad things happen.

    It would be *GREAT* to be able to set a write breakpoint at address ZERO and see what is trashing my vector table.

    How do I do that with Jlink-GDB-SERVER?

  • Hi Duane,

    I have built a new beta version which includes support
    for data watchpoints.

    The new version is available on our website:

    You can set watchpoints using the GDB Insight
    or via new remote commands:

    BD [R|W] <Addr> [<Data>] [<DataMask>]
    BDH [R|W] <Addr> [<Data>] [<DataMask>]
    BDB [R|W] <Addr> [<Data>] [<DataMask>]

    For a list of available remote commands please type in the GDB console:
    monitor help

    For more detailed information about a remote command please type:
    monitor help <command>

    Best regards,