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    The SEGGER Forum support team would like to welcome you.

    This forum shall act as a big FAQ regarding SEGGER products.
    SEGGER engineers participate in the forum and will answer questions together with other experienced users.

    Terms of use
    if you disagree with any of these conditions.

    • This is a professional forum. Please use your real name and avoid vulgar or abusive language.
    • This forum is not moderated. Messages you post appear in real-time. Therefore, you must moderate and censor yourself.
      Do not post messages or source code that is not intended for the public.
    • All messages posted to this forum immediately become public domain.
    • This forum is not monitored by SEGGER technical support personnel. Do not expect to receive technical support via this forum.
    • Messages or threads that are off topic, abusive, threatening, or objectionable in any fashion may be deleted.