Some questions about SystemView

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  • Some questions about SystemView


    I recently evaluated SystemView tool with FreeRTOS. It looks really promising. Thanks for making this tool free!
    I have some questions about SystemView and will be glad if someone from Segger could answer them.

    1) Knowing the existance of embOSView tool, which also has support for UART/Ethernet communication alternatives,
    Is there a plan to add alternate communication ports to SystemView?

    2) Instead of using RTT feature of J-Link debug probes, Is it possible to use ITM debug buffers of Cortex-M microcontrollers?
    Which will make the tool more generic. When I check RTT statistics from J-Link Control Panel, I see 5-6 KB/s realtime transfer throughput.
    Is it really necessary to tie SystemView tool to J-link debug probes?

    3) Is there a plan to add thread stack usage information within SystemView?

    Finally, thanks for this great tool, i am planing to actively use it on our upcoming project.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the great feedback.

    Communication alternatives might be available in the future.

    The downside of using UART/Ethernet and the ITM Buffers (SWO) is,
    that the data has to be actively sent by the application, which is way more intrusive than simply writing into a RAM buffer.
    RTT is the least intrusive way of instrumentation.

    Stack usage might be available in the future, too.
    But same here:
    Checking how much stack is free by the application can be more intrusive, too, and influences the system timing.

    Best regards