[Solved] resolve symbol names for queues

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  • [Solved] resolve symbol names for queues


    could you ad a display for the name of the queue to which is currently send?

    is it possible to take care of the "configQUEUE_REGESTRY_SIZE" ?
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  • Hi Johannes,
    I'm facing the same Issue. As you suggested above I have tried to declare the queue names in the SendSystemDescription callback, the queue names and IDs appears at the top of the log, but when a queue event occurs the queue name still not appears (while the ID is the same as in the top of the log).
    What could be wrong?
  • I tried the same with no success. However, I could not follow all the advises. So what I did is the following:

    In SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Config_FreeRTOS.c I add one line for a semaphore that I want to get displayed by its name instead of the address in the upper log window (that has in the headline 'Events' for the first column).

    * _cbSendSystemDesc()
    * Function description
    * Sends SystemView description strings.
    static void _cbSendSystemDesc(void) {
    SEGGER_SYSVIEW_NameResource((U32)&main_trans_semphr, "mem_trans");

    So I just added the line: SEGGER_SYSVIEW_NameResource((U32)&main_trans_semphr, "mem_trans");
    Is this the right place to insert the statement ? So far it does not work.

    I use the latest version of SystemView, FreeRTOS 8.2.3. on a Atmel E70 board.

    Best Regards