Stack pointer for CSTACK outside the stack range

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  • Stack pointer for CSTACK outside the stack range


    • embOS v 3.60a1
    • IAR EW
    • ARM 966E-S
    • Start_STR912.eww

    I get this message during debugg in Debug Log window and application behave very strange (e.g. OS_Error with big error numbers). I tryed to change size of CSTACK but this difference(CSTACK poniter >> CSTACK stack range in memory ) ist too big and it doesn't help. What I have to do ? Where is error made ?
  • Hello,

    you can ignore this error message. Please deactivate the IAR stack check plugin, Menu -> Project -> Options -> Debugger -> Plugins - Stack.

    The IAR stack check plugin works not correctly with embOS, the stack check plugin only checks the CSTACK und IRQSTACK but embOS tasks running
    on their own stack.

    The CStack size will not cause your problem, please ensure whether your task stacks are big enough. You can also try to step with single steps after
    OS_Error() to see where the issue occurred.