Error[Li005]: no definition for "OS_ARM_InstallISRHandler"

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  • Error[Li005]: no definition for "OS_ARM_InstallISRHandler"


    I´m facing the following message when trying to use interrupts in my system:

    Error[Li005]: no definition for "OS_ARM_InstallISRHandler" [referenced from U:\ECGW\CW ARM\IAR_RTOS_V1\Debug\Obj\ads1293.o]

    It seems that the compiler can´t find the lib files, or I didn´t included the RTOS.h file. But it´s not the case.

    I downloaded the trial from segger site, and I coudn´t use the ISRHandler too. The same problem happens.

    I´m using IAR 7.50, TM4C129 eval board. embOS version 3.86

    Is there are any incompatibility with these new IAR version?

    Thank you!
  • HI Luciano,

    You are right, OS_ARM_InstallISRHandler() is not included in the TM4C129 start project.
    With Cortex-M OS_ARM_InstallISRHandler() is only necessary when you are working with vector table in RAM.
    This is not supported by the RTOSInit_TM4C129 .c.
    If you need RAM vector table we can add this feature very easily

    Best regards,