[SOLVED] Issue about GUI_BMP_DrawScaledEx()

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  • [SOLVED] Issue about GUI_BMP_DrawScaledEx()

    I draw a bitmap size of 80x60 successfully using GUI_BMP_DrawEx();
    then I try to scale & draw it using GUI_BMP_DrawScaledEx(), but failed.

    I use the same get data function for this two drawing functions.
    The emWin version what I use is v5.3. As follows:

    a) GUI_BMP_DrawEx(_GetData, &hFile, 0, 0);//draw directly
    b) GUI_BMP_DrawScaledEx(_GetData, &hFile, 0, 0, 4, 1);//draw by scaling 4x

    The size of bitmap file pointed by hFile is: 80x60;

    a) will be all right, and call _GetData() about 62 times;
    b) will be failed, and call _GetData() only once.

    And, look up the the guide UM03001 User & Reference Guide for emWin V5.32,
    it doesn't pointer out whether different get data functions should be used.

    My question is, should I use different get data functions?
    If so, how should I modify the current get data function offered by the guide?
    What the differences the two get data functions act as?

    Best regards.

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