LPC2478 Embedded Artist Dev Board with Trial emWin

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  • LPC2478 Embedded Artist Dev Board with Trial emWin

    I have been evaluating the LPC2478 using the Segger project targetted for the LPC2478 processor on the Embedded Artist dev board. I am using IAR toolchain and JLink debug tool. I can program and debug the code ok. I have found that if I break the code and continue this is fine, but if I break and reset, the IDE says it can not halt the ARM core and the IDE crashes. If I break and then leave the debug IDE, recompile and re-enter the debug environment, then the JLink programs ok and does not see a problem. Why am I getting the error when I try to reset the processor from the debug IDE. It appears to only have a problem once it executes GUI_Init() in the maintask, if I halt on a breakpoint before this, then I can reset ok!
    Can anyone suggest a solution? I have tried various setting for the Reset options in the JLink config, but no changes.