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    Dear all,
    I'm trying to add a couple of SPINBOX-widgets to one of my dialogs in stemwin-based project. The code of the dialog is almost default and was produced by GUIBuilder utility. Right after the dialog is being created I'm initializing the SPINBOX-widget with the following code:

    C Source Code

    1. case WM_INIT_DIALOG:
    2. hItem = WM_GetDialogItem( pMsg->hWin, ID_SPINBOX_0 );
    3. SPINBOX_SetRange( hItem, 0, 260 );
    4. SPINBOX_SetValue( hItem, 20 );
    6. SPINBOX_SetStep( hItem, 10 );
    7. SPINBOX_SetEditMode( hItem, SPINBOX_EM_STEP );
    8. break;

    The problem is - I do not receive WM_NOTIFICATION_VALUE_CHANGED at all. Touch events are generated and are being send to STemWin core for sure ( button on the same window works without any problem). STemWin version is 5.28, works under FreeRTOS. Could you please give me some tips what's going on?

    The second question is emWin PDF manual related (Document UM03001, Software Version 5.30). Here is an excerpt from the PDF:
    19.25.2 Predefined IDs
    The following symbols define IDs which may be used to make SPINBOX widgets dis-
    tinguishable from creation: GUI_ID_SPINBOX0 - GUI_ID_SPINBOX9

    What does it mean? And why does GUIBuilder use another (like GUI_ID_USER + 0x02) IDs for SPINBOX-widgets ?