JLink usb blinks on win xp pro SP3, new drivers tried. Works on win2000 pro.

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  • JLink usb blinks on win xp pro SP3, new drivers tried. Works on win2000 pro.

    Hi, I am using IAR embedded workbench 5.2 for ARM with J-link. On the system I would like to use (win XP pro sp3), the jlink led just blinks. I have tried all the latest drivers I could find. My win 2000 system works, but that is not connected to where my software will be versioned.
    Are there any more ideas? I have also tried the command line jlink.exe, and it just can't connect to jlink.
    Thanks for any ideas.
  • Hello lpc2148guy,

    we also use WinXp pro SP3, so there is no know issue with this windows version and J-Link drivers.

    The J-Link led blinks when the usb driver is not correctly installed. So please try to install the usb drivers again.
    If you have installed the J-Link software package the usb driver is already copied to your windows directory.

    Does Windows ask you for usb drivers when you connect the J-Link?
    Is the J-Link listed in the System Properties | Device Manager?

  • Finally got j-link to work after doing many other different unrelated things and a few months.
    Update j-link driver - didn't work.
    UNPLUG computer for 15 minutes. Phantom power keeps the controllers for USB up apparently after computer shut down and they need to be reset.
    Uninstall USB host controllers.
    Then after they are found again, j-link recognized, blinking stopped. POS Win XP POS (but better than vista of course)