STM32F103 + ST7735 + STemWin

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  • STM32F103 + ST7735 + STemWin

    Hello friends.
    Can you please show me the way so I can use the STemWin with the attached schematic.
    I searched the manual and compared with the examples included to the library. But I still didn't understand how all that was done.
    I would appreciate if somebody would give me the exact steps which I should learn and understand to be able to adapt the library.
    • mcu.jpg

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  • The program stucks at the B.N instruction. What mistake did I made?
    PS. I didn't include any part of a program because I don't know what is needed. Just tell me.
    I put breakpoints near LCD_X_Config(), LCD_X_DisplayDriver() and GUI_X_Config(). After stepping into GUI_Init function program never reachs any of the above functions. At the beggingin of compilling I receive a message that some breakpoints cannot be reached.

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  • I try to test classical example (Hello world text).

    GUI_DrawLine(0, 0, 150, 150);
    GUI_DispString("Hello world");

    However the above code does nothing.
    The initialization of the display is ok (I draw two squares with different colors without stemwin).
    I took LCDConf_FlexColor template and added my functions for LcdWriteReg, LcdWriteData and LcdWriteDataMultiple.
    I do not use external ROM so I changed the value of memory in GUIconf.c to 0x1000. Is it ok?
    Where I should point out that I use exactly ST7735 display?

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